The Art of Technology

Swiss Art Identification Service™ (SAIS) available shortly.

Artentika™ is preparing the launch of its art identification and authentication solutions. Contact us for more details and to set up a virtual demonstration.

Fake art revealed

Art forgery is as old as art itself. Fakes already were a lucrative business thousands of years ago. These days, hardly a week goes by without some multi-million dollar scandal involving counterfeit works of art.

Artentika’s breakthrough technologies make authenticating works of art a simple, fast and – above all – reliable process. This is crucial for a market which amounts to more than $60-billion per annum, and where counterfeit works represent an enormous risk to buyers and sellers alike.

Beyond human limitations

Human expertise is indispensible to determine the value of a work of art. Henceforth, art professionals can rely on Artentika for technological support which will remove the physical ambiguities of a work.


CEO Albertus Geldenhuys and his team have decades of experience in integrating fingerprint biometrics into large forensic systems and access control installations, and deploying them in high-tech environments. Indeed, it was automated fingerprint identification technology that inspired them to invent an Automated Art Identification System™ (AAIS) to remove the guesswork and deception from the art market.

The digital DNA (dDNA™)

Artentika uses multimodal technologies to produce a digital DNA of the work of art or any other item of value, ranging from an earring to a Rembrandt to a vintage car.

The Artomatrix™

The artist’s style and materials automatically combine into a distinctive ‘‘fingerprint’’. When the molecular composition of the materials is added, one obtains a multi-factor Artomatrix™ which is unique and impossible to replicate.

Reference Database

Artentika creates a reference database by scanning several works of the artist concerned, and compares the work under investigation to this database. A report is issued within 24 hours.

"Painting is poetry, read with intelligence."

- Albertus Geldenhuys
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Lugano, Switzerland
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