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Artentika (Pty) Limited is the world’s first enterprise at the intersection of art, technology, and finance. We fuse a passion for art with ​connoisseurship, cutting-edge technology and financial acumen. ​As the sole holder of a United States patent in art authentication, you can confidently entrust Artentika with the multi-modal authentication of your artworks, ranging from paintings to scultpures to ceramics and textiles. Our interaction takes place via the Artentika Art Management App. Its integration of authentication, verification, tracking, and sharing capabilities establishes a secure, all-in-one art management solution. More > 

The Artentika Principle: 
The Fusion of Human 
Kn​owledge and Technology

By combining human expertise and physical examination with cutting-edge technologies, we rapidly and efficiently provide clients with a reliable assessment of the authenticity of objets d'art of all descriptions and sizes, whether 2-D, 3-D or digital. All investigations are done in situ with non-invasive, hand-held devices. More >

The Artentika team counts nine highly qualified professionals, including four with PhDs. More >


Our art authentication is comprehensive, delivering essential insights and secure documentation to protect your assets, optimize costs, and unlock new value.
Artentika's solution leverages our exclusive, US-patented digital analysis methods for cultural artifacts. Our team of experts offers unparalleled experience in the field.
A rigorous, multi-disciplinary methodology ensures robust authenticity determination. This includes historical analysis, physical examination, in-depth provenance research, and advanced propr​ietary technologies. Definitive results are obtained, safeguarding your assets, facilitating transactions, and integrating secure blockchain documentation. Our analyses can further shape conservation strategies, reduce costs, and reveal potential revenue streams. More >


In addition to art authentication, Artentika offers several art-related technologies and solutions. Our One-2-One© solution detects the minutest discrepancy between two photos of any object taken at different times. The photos may be acquired with a smartphone via t​he Artentika App, which initiates an automated process of verification. Typical clients include Museums, Auction Houses, Corporate and Private Collectors, Art Insurers and Reinsurers, Art Logistics Companies and Law Firms. 
One-2-One provides proactive value generation by minimizing conservation and legal expenses. In select cases, it generates income through the on selling of detailed verification and curation reports. More >

Protecting You and Your Art

We understand the sensitive nature of art ownership and the potential risks involved in the art market. That is why we uphold absolute confidentiality and discretion in all our dealings. Client details and information about investigated artworks will not be shared with anyone outside of Artentika unless legally mandated.

Transparency and Integrity

We believe in building trust. If you are a client or stakeholder, we will provide sample reports and certificates of authenticity. However, these samples will only pertain to artworks owned by Artentika, for which we also hold the copyright, so as to protect the privacy of our clients and partners.

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Confidentiality and Discretion