Authentication of Artworks

Authenticate Your Artwork with Confidence: The Artentika Process

Step 1: Effortless Photo Submission

Step 2: AI-Powered Preliminary Analysis

Step 3: Quotation for Further Investigation

Step 4: Comprehensive, Global Authentication

The Artentika Advantage

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Verification, Curation, Conservation

Transform Your Workflow with Artentika's Diverse One-2-One© Solutions

Our One-2-One© technologies offer a range of possibilities for customized solutions. We partner with clients to create uniquely tailored integrations that streamline their processes and uncover hidden insights. Let us explore how One-2-One© can solve your specific challenges. Contact us to discuss a custom solution. 

Museums: Protection & Preservation

Go beyond authentication of individual works. Partner with Artentika for seamless collection-wide monitoring using our unique smartphone-driven analysis. An annual photo is all it takes to enjoy these benefits:

  • Early Detection: Catch subtle artwork changes caused by the environment or pests, invisible to the naked eye. Prevent irreversible damage and plan proactive conservation.
  • Curatorial Insights: Track condition trends over time to refine storage, display, and loan decisions. Ensure the long-term integrity of your holdings.
  • Easy to Implement: Our automated process and detailed reports empower museum staff minimizing workflow disruptions. A cost-effective shield for your collection.

Corporate & Private Collectors: Safeguard and Preserve Your Legacy & Investment

Maintain the beauty and long-term value of your prized collection with Artentika's scientifically rigorous annual assessment. Even under the most watchful eye, unseen forces can subtly impact artworks:    

  • Hidden Threats: Detect minute changes caused by environment, age, or pest activity, invisible to traditional inspection methods. 
  • Informed Conservation: Get actionable insights from our analysis to guide proactive conservation and restore artworks to their pristine state. 
  • Peace of Mind: Safeguard your investment and ensure your collection's significance for generations to come. Artentika provides unmatched peace of mind.